We have another great set of new components (Autocomplete, Persona and MessageBar), additions and changes, like improved Dialog handling and customization, and bug fixes ready for you. Read all about it below.

I'm not going to list all the bug fixes in this article but want to point you to the release page for an overview. In this post I focus on the new components and changes and enhancements we have made to the already existing components. First a summary of what's new and changed, then the more thorough descriptions:

New components

The following components have been added:

  • FluentAutocomplete
  • FluentPersona
  • FluentMessageBar

Changed/enhanced components

The following components have been changed:

  • Dialog
  • MenuButton
  • DataGrid
  • PresenceBadge
  • DatePicker & TimePicker
  • Menu & Popover
  • Button
  • Input fields
  • NavMenu
  • Miscellaneous


  • Demo and documentation site changes
  • New and updated Icons

Autocomplete & Persona

A new component has been added to select (multiple) options from a list.

  • The Autocomplete component lets you select multiple options from a list by typing and allows for more complex filtering like 'contains' (intead of just 'starts with' . It displays the selection by using tags and a horizontal scroller (if necessary) as shown in the image:
  • By customizing the parameters, and utilizing the (also new) FluentPersona component the Autocomplete can also be used as a 'people picker'. This is also shown in the image above.

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples


The component formerly known as 'Alert' is now available in the library. To follow the Fluent 2 design, we named it the FluentMessageBar.

  • A MessageBar can be used to show messages on top of a page, dialog or card. Every message shown has a specific (out of 5 possible) intent, like a warning. Example: Message bar
  • It can also be used to build a `Notification center' like functionality: Notification Center

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples


You can now customize a Dialog by specifying custom header, footer and/or body components (FluentDialogHeader, FluentDialogFooter, FluentDialogBody).


@implements IDialogContentComponent<SimplePerson>

@* Header *@
<FluentDialogHeader ShowDismiss="true">
    <FluentStack VerticalAlignment="VerticalAlignment.Center">
        <FluentIcon Value="@(new Icons.Regular.Size24.WindowApps())" />
        <FluentLabel Typo="Typography.PaneHeader">

@* Footer *@
    <FluentButton Appearance="Appearance.Accent" OnClick="@SaveAsync">Close</FluentButton>

@* Body *@
    <FluentTextField @bind-Value="@Content.Firstname">FirstName:</FluentTextField>
    <FluentNumberField @bind-Value="@Content.Age">Age:</FluentNumberField>

This will render as CustomizeDialog

A Dialog will render with default header and footer content. Following the example above, it is now possible to replace these by customized content. You can now also configure to not render a header and or footer at all by adding them to a dialog definition with a Visible=false property. The header has a ShowDissmiss property, which displays and manages the dismiss icon in the top right-hand corner (or top left-hand when using RTL).

Once customized, the developer must manually manage the close buttons (Save, Cancel, OK, ...) using code similar to this:

public FluentDialog Dialog { get; set; } = default!;

private async Task SaveAsync()
    await Dialog.CloseAsync();

Obsoleted methods

Some of the dialog box methods have been flagged as Obsolete to give preference to one of the following two methods.

  • ShowDialogAsync<TDialog>(object data, DialogParameters parameters) to send data to the dialog box.
  • ShowDialogAsync<TDialog>(DialogParameters parameters) to open the dialog, without sending data.

(similar methods for displaying a right/left panel or for displaying a SpashScreen).

Other changes

  • All Show...Async methods in the DialogService now return an IDialogReference.
  • A Panel now sizes to the Width specified in the parameters.

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples

  • We added ButtonStyle and MenuStyle parameters to allow to change the style for these two parts independently.

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples


  • We've added an EmptyContent parameter which you can use to display information when there is no data to show. Two examples: DataGrid with empty content
  • Sticky header is now always on top. Before, any buttons would scroll over the header.
    DataGrid StickyHeader on top
  • When the item size is set (when using Virtualize), the content will now be vertically centered in the row.

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples


  • The status badge has been updated to be Fluent 2 compliant. PresenceBadge

DatePicker & TimePicker

  • The DatePicker and TimePicker popup area will now be dynamically positioned below or above the component, depending on the available space. Date picker/time picker positioning

See the demo and documentation page for details and examples

  • We enhanced the functionality to close or hide a menu or a popup automatically when clicked outside of it (using the Overlay component).


  • When using IconStart or IconEnd and Loading together, the progress ring now replaces the icon (start or end, not both).


Without an icon, the way the Loading parameter works remains unchanged.


See the demo and documentation page for details and examples

Input fields

  • By using the new Immediate and ImmediateDelay properties you can now logically use both the @onchange and @oninput attributes (at the same time!) for the following components:
    • FluentNumberField
    • FluentTextField
    • FluentSearch
    • FluentTextArea


<FluentTextField @bind-Value="value1" Immediate="true" ImmediateDelay="500" />
<p>You entered: @value1</p>

Immediate parameter

  • When using routes with more than one segment or using routes that contain the name of another route, the NavMenu would always highlight the first/shortest route found. For example if the menu contains these hrefs:
    • /
    • /container
    • /containers

And then someone navigates to /containers. The current code would match on, and select, /container. This has been corrected.


  • A couple of more colors have been added to the OfficeColors enumeration.
  • All dialog variants (Dialog, MessageBox, Panel and SplashScreen) and the Overlay now support a PreventScroll parameter that makes the the body content shown behind the component not scrollable.

Demo and documentation site changes

We try to keep improving the demo and documentation site. Things we change or add are not tied to a specific release or version and can usually be seen as soon as they are done on the preview site. Changes to the documentation are visible on the 'regular' site immediately.

Some enhancements we made:

  • Added 'Notification Center'
    Combining the new FluentMessageBar component with the existing Panel dialog allows for creating a notification center like you can find in the Azure portal. We implemented this in the demo site and you can take a look at the available source code as an example of how such functionality could be realized.
  • Added 'Site settings'
    We've moved the setting for color, theme and direction to it's own panel. In a future update we would like to make these settings persistent.
  • The DemoSection component has been extended to have a MaxHeight parameter.
    See the https://www.fluentui-blazor.net/Dialog page on the 'Razor' tabs for an example. Let us know if you would like to see this set to a good default value for all the demo sections.
  • The API documentation is now better readable on mobile devices. We added a scroll option:
    Documentation on mobile device

New and updated Icons

We've updated the library to the Fluent UI System Icons 1.1.217 release.

What's new (Name / Size(s) / Variant(s))

  • Chevron Down / 32 / Filled & Regular
  • Chevron Left / 32 / Filled & Regular
  • Chevron Right / 32 / Filled & Regular
  • Chevron Up / 32 / Filled & Regular
  • Document Lightning / 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 48 / Filled & Regular
  • Edit / 12 / Filled & Regular
  • Server Link / 16, 20 / Filled & Regular
  • Step / 20, 24 / Filled & Regular
  • Tab Desktop Multiple Add / 20 / Filled & Regular
  • Text Description / 16, 28, 32 / Filled & Regular
  • Text Grammar Lightning / 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 / Filled & Regular

What's updated (Name / Size(s) / Variant(s))

  • Edit / 16 / Filled & Regular
  • Server Link / 24 / Filled & Regular

We are receiving more and more engagement at our GitHub repository, Gitter and Discord. If you are already a bit more experienced user of the library, please help us by answering questions, offer guidance, etc. Let's do this together!

Hope this helps. Onwards to the next release!


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